A 40-day meditation ritual with Sara Gallagher Bloom

Feel energized, clear, deeply-connected and amazing through guided, active meditations, spiritual reflection and community support.

In Autumn, we let go of what no longer serves us, through the practice of deep breathing and meditation.


The Imprint is meditation, simplified.

It’s unique for its active approach, using mantra, movement and music to make the meditations easy to follow — and for the creative spiritual guidance offered by me, Sara Gallagher Bloom.

You’ll be shown not only how to meditate but you’ll be prompted to dive deeper in exploring why you’re on this journey, what your visions are for your life on this new path, and most importantly, how great you will feel when you reach our 40 day milestone.

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Before I tell you all about this life-changing program, let’s talk about who this is really for…
Can you relate to any of these feelings?
Perhaps you’re struggling with meditation, but you want greater mental clarity and relief from stress and anxiety, burnout, work-related or pandemic stress.

You know there’s a way to achieve focus and energy  — so many leaders in business swear by meditation — but so far, you’ve only found it frustrating, difficult and hard to stay consistent. You know there’s a better way to live, with more focus and calm, but you haven’t unlocked the secret yet. You know there’s a way to crack the code.

Maybe you’re searching for a spiritual practice to feel a greater sense of connection and community, and to relieve fear, pain or grief — and find greater joy, ease and make room for self-care.

You have meditated in the past — but what you need right now is greater connection and community. You have pervasive feelings of fear, chronic pain, or recent grief  in your life right now — or perhaps just the numb feeling from the loss of pre-pandemic life. You know there’s a path to the other side of this, where you’ll feel deeper connections, relief, more freedom and energy in your life.

Or, it could be that you’re seeking something different or deeper, or to learn from a new teacher.

You’re no stranger to meditation, and you have a practice — whether it’s an occasional dropping-in, or daily dose. Perhaps you’re feeling a bit stuck, but more likely, you’re a knowledge and spiritual seeker — going deeper into the meaning of meditation and its effects on our minds and bodies excites the heck out of you! (As does the idea of nerding out on new yogic practices!) More than this, you love being surrounded by a spiritual community with which you can discuss these discoveries — it’s what makes yoga and meditation so rewarding. You’re ready for a new challenge.

If you see yourself in any of this, let me reassure you: you’re in the right place, and I’m going to tell you exactly how The Imprint will give you the tools, inspiration and support on your journey to clarity, energy and feeling great.


“I wanted to share how blown away I am by this deeply impactful journey! I must admit, I was skeptical at first… I’ve had a mediation practice for years, but never like this. That first week made me uncomfortable, but I’ve come to know that feeling as the point of breakthrough, evolution, transformation. I kept up the practice, and five weeks later, I feel as if my prayers have been answered. It’s a palpable feeling that defies logic but can’t be denied. This experience has been enlightening and I look forward to continuing this journey with you all in future sessions!”

— Lauren Enright
Doula, Yoga Teacher and Educator and Founder of
Lauren Enright

What is The Imprint?

The Imprint is meditation, simplified.

I offer a daily guided practice that will get you excited about meditation and make it easy to follow, with a system that supports you in your journey.

Forty days from now, you’ll feel relaxed, energetic and amazing as a result of your new meditation practice. Plus, you’ll have a support system you can turn to in times of fear, anxiety or stress, offering strategies to control doubts and negative self-talk, help you dive deeper into your true purpose and feel more spiritually-connected in your everyday life.

I came to this unique meditation system from my own life-long desire to understand and organize the material of my mind, and feel more mentally healthy. It took me nearly 20 years of searching and trying different methods, including a brush with death that really made me question how I was living. I tried so many types of meditation, nothing would stick. It wasn’t until the pandemic that I put together the pieces of teaching that became The Imprint. Now, I have mastered meditation for myself, and want to show you how efficient and powerful meditation can be.

It is the most important thing I do every day. It has kept me calm, healthy and grateful no matter what I may be going through.

In my meditation moments, I’ve manifested some of the greatest breakthroughs and zaps of serendipity and creativity that I’ve ever experienced in my life. I call it The Imprint because the changes it brings to your life create a lasting impression on your days, your seasons and the trajectory of your life.

Maybe you find meditation daunting, or you’ve tried it before and found it too hard to turn off your thoughts — or you find you’re just too busy. Let me help you pull down these barriers and connect you to greater ease. I’ve laid out this 40 day plan for you, and I’ll guide you every step of the way. All you have to do is show up and press “start.” If you’re a complete beginner, or you already have a form of meditation practice, The Imprint will change how you think about meditation.

At the end of these 40 days, you will feel more calm and more positive. You will feel clearer in your days, and more radiant in your life. This, I am sure of!

The Imprint is for you if…

You feel overwhelmed, anxious and stressed out

The Imprint is a system of sustainable stress-relief. Instead of waking up with anxiety, you’ll be able to trust that the day will unfold the way you desire, especially if you begin with meditation. A regular practice helps you meet your resistance with compassion and keep a growth mindset as you find creative answers to life’s inevitable challenges.

You’re too busy to meditate

Maybe you’re stressed out about finding the best use of your time — or you have so many family commitments and a busy routine to begin with. Stopping to meditate sounds like it doesn’t fit within your flow. But consider what happens when you don’t make room for clarity. Your family, friends and coworkers aren’t getting the best of you because you aren’t making time for the best of you. You will learn firsthand that your daily practice isn’t a chore to check off a list. You’ll be empowered to create the habits, routines and rituals that support you in life, rather than hold you back.

You struggle with focus

especially when you’ve tried to meditate in the past. Well, sitting still is not a problem in my meditation system, which are active meditations using music and mantra. And the clarity and calm that the meditations bring will help you stay focused throughout the day.

You’re unclear about what meditation is really for

Have you heard about the benefits of meditation? Have you tried meditating in the past, but not been able to make anything stick? The support system built into The Imprint means that you’ll be called to meditate each day, and you’ll be clear about what you’re doing. My system simplifies the process, where all you have to do is show up and “press play.”

You already have a meditation practice

but you’re a seeker (like me!) and want to go deeper and try something new! You’ve tried the apps, and read the books, and you meditate on the reg. But, you’re wondering if there’s more you can discover about yourself and your own inner power.

This powerful journey is built on three foundational elements
Every season the themes and content change, and we learn something new — special tailored practices and workshops we most need at different times of the year.

The Meditations

These are the daily experiences you can join live via Zoom, or on your own time with recordings.

The Community

This is how we activate and elevate our consciousness, surrounded by like minds.

The Education

This is how we go deeper, by integrating both theory and practice into our lives.

The Imprint is...

40 days of meditation

For six weeks, we meditate. Don’t be intimidated by this, as I will guide you each step of the way! Our first session is always on a Monday. I recommend you try joining the livestream sessions at 06h00 EST each morning, but I recognize that not everyone is a morning person. For me, it’s a time when I have space that is truly my own, before my family life starts to churn. Every weekday we meditate in a group, and every weekend, you will practice your new routine on your own to build the habit. Recordings are always there for whenever you need them. As the days go by, the habits become routines and by the end, they are sacred rituals that are an important part of your daily flow. Weekly emails provide supportive guidance, and we all meet on our community platform on Circle to share our wins and discuss our challenges.

Exclusive online platform

On Circle, it’s our private community where we can share with an intimate group of fellow seekers doing this current session of The Imprint. There, you’ll find all the recordings, prompts, PDFs, playlists and more. You’ll always have access to this premium content through to the beginning of the next session of The Imprint — we run seasonally four times per year, so effectively it’s nearly 3 months of access.

Preparatory materials

Prior to our beginning, you’ll receive the how-to video and PDF, and you’ll be invited to my events and Q&As to learn more and get excited about starting this journey together!

Growth and education

Throughout the 40 days, we have special workshops and you’ll receive important knowledge nuggets to deepen your experience and prompt further reflection.

Community support

Additionally, on Circle, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people, committed to meditating and building one another up to achieve their highest purpose. You won’t have to be alone in this journey — everyone in the group wants the same clarity and energy you seek. We are working individually and collectively towards similar goals — we can answer each others questions and support one another when resistance takes hold, to stay strong during the challenges and share in the ease and joy that results.


I’ve created a 40-day container for you to stay consistent on your path. With my guidance it should feel simple to hold yourself accountable and committed to your practice, and create a new habits that will stick. On Day 40 you can join everyone LIVE for our closing ceremony to share the experience as a group.

week 1
Learning how

This week we learn new techniques and practice them to build new habits and to internalize the mechanics. Set your intention for the practice and get excited for the journey. Showing up, asking questions and staying curious are the only requirements!

week 2
The deeper why

Learn more about what the meditations mean, and why we practice them. Take time to reflect with guided prompts, what’s your own deeper why? What transformation within yourself do you want to achieve and how do you want to feel on Day 40?

week 3
Meet your resistance

All new habits meet resistance after the first days. Recognize your resistance for what it is: old thought-patterns, triggers, and scripts popping up to say hello.  Learn techniques for writing new inner dialogues and moving through life’s challenges with more ease.

week 4
Breaking ground

Passing the threshold of your old patterns, you’re on exciting unexplored land and breaking new ground. Find joy in the possibilities who you could become on this second half of the journey!

week 5
Building momentum

This week is all about growth. Your practice will feel different: you’ll feel more mastery each day. The effects of the clarity and energy that meditation brings will stay with you throughout the day, and you’ll make new discoveries in your practice as your mastery grows.

week 6
The calling

Rather than a habit that you have to carry out, you will be called to your meditation cushion each day, and you will be excited to meditate. New habits have become routines, which then transform into a sacred ritual that brings meaning to your days, weeks and seasons. You made it to 40 days — let’s celebrate the milestone!

When you enroll in
The Imprint you’ll receive

My “how-to” videos and PDFs

showing you step by step what to do, and the meaning behind each meditation. You’ll gain access to this immediately upon joining, so you can start to get familiar with the movement, music and mantras.

30 livestream sessions

join me every weekday at 06h00 EST during our time together, to meditate in community, with members joining from around the corner and around the world

2 “use-anytime” seasonal meditation videos

each 11-minutes and 22-minutes long. Our standard meditation is 22 minutes, but I know that feeling when 11 minutes is all you can find time for! Use these on weekends for self-practice, or any time you’re not joining the livestream.

Opening week “Ask me Anything” live session

Once you’ve had a few days to begin, this is your chance to ask me anything about the meditations, the program or whatever you want to know!

Lecture and pranayama

90 minute live session. Learn about the body’s energetic layers, and feel them in your practice as we learn to use our breath and imagination to send energy to all parts of our being.

Seasonally-themed hands-on workshop

2-hour live session to learn something new, often with special invited experts! Past themes have included: vision board creation, kitchari cooking, home-made self-care routines, Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong, and more.

Seasonally-themed yoga practice

a 90 minute live session to embody and live in the new knowledge you’ve integrated over the 40 days.

Closing ceremony

a live ritual to share with our group and close the loop until next time

Access to my exclusive community on Circle

join like-minded seekers and gain support throughout your 40 days.

Recordings of all live meditations and workshop sessions

available on Circle, including the daily meditations for those of you who prefer the daily variety. You’ll have access for the entire 40 days, PLUS the time until the next session of The Imprint begins — a total of approximately 3 months.

When you add it all up, that’s an amazing value! Because I’m so invested in the power of meditation in community, I want as many people as possible to experience this program. That’s why I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll in The Imprint today at the special price of just $222.

Join The Imprint
and receive 40 days of meditation, education and community

The Imprint is for you if you’re ready to:

Have a meditation practice that will stick

With the help of my structured teachings and the supportive community, you’ll love your meditation practice and look forward to continuing.

Begin to meditate

If you’re not already a meditator, this is a great way to begin meditation — it’s why I informally call the program “meditation, simplified.” Step-by-step, you’ll begin to feel confident and will find the joy that keeps you coming back.

Feel energized

You’ll be amazed at how good it feels when you commit to a daily meditation practice, and show up for yourself. With this new energy, you have inspiration, creativity and so much more!

Feel calm and regulate stress

When you meditate consistently you’ll have tools to calm yourself and regulate your stress. Rather than feeling hesitant and fearful, you will feel empowered, and have agency in your life. You will have strategies to cope when those anxious feelings creep up — and you will build your resilience every day.

Take steps toward the life you desire

When you have a meditation ritual, you are connected to your greatest divine guidance. Your response to obstacles will change. You’ll no longer dwell on problems — you’ll become open to creative solutions. You’ll see the spiritual layers in everything around you, and you will say yes to your big visions and be driven by your positive emotions.

Learn from an experienced guide

As your meditation coach and teacher for these 40 days, I’ve planned this simple program to just show up in your email (and on our Circle platform) over six weeks. Make these new habits stick and share in community!

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know I will get results?

The results of a meditation practice can be profound. Many experience reduced anxiety, depression, and mental clarity. First timers can also get stuck wondering what to do and what type of meditation to follow. The Imprint is a way into meditation that is inclusive and guided. The instant result is a deeper connection to a supportive community who is moving through their meditation practice with you. There are physical results with this active meditation. The magic of meditation comes with the practice and repetition — the effect is cumulative. Stick with the daily practice and see bigger results.

What happens if I need to travel or miss time during 40 days? What if I miss one or two of the practices?

If you are travelling and have wifi, you can still join us live depending on your time zone. Otherwise, you will have the pre-recorded meditations to keep your momentum going, plus access to the community support. If you just miss a day or two — the best strategy is to check in with your community! They will encourage you to get back on the horse and just pick up again at the soonest possible moment. You will be seen, and you will be held.

How do I find the time for this?

The Imprint mediation practice is created to make mediation accessible. There are two versions of the meditation sessions that are pre-recorded and accessible anytime - a super short version approximately 10 minutes in length, and the full version approximately 22 minutes in length.

What if I already have a meditation program?

The Imprint is a combination of pranayama breathwork, chanting, kriyas and guided meditation. It is a combination that is designed to open up the energy systems in tune to the seasonal theme. It is likely an incredible compliment to any meditation practice and can also replace your practice for the 40 days if you feel 2 practices is too much.

What if I am pregnant, injured or not able to do all the breathing exercises?

During the introduction to the daily practice Sara delivers key instructions to accommodate different physical bodies. Pay special attention to the instructions given to pregnant women and if you are unsure, ask your medical team to verify the positions are safe for you and let Sara know at the beginning of the journey.

What if I am not tech-savvy?

If the pandemic has taught us anything it is that we all have an “inner techie” in us. But not to worry! We keep the path to joining the live sessions really simple. You receive a link (like this one that sends you to a page to sign up) and you can then join us in a live zoom call. The recordings are available afterwards for viewing and you will always have access to the short and long versions of the pre-recorded meditations.

Can more than one person join in the same house?

The more the merrier! However, there is something really special about seeing you join as an individual and knowing that each person has invested in themselves to be there for the 40 day program - we love to shout you out by name and celebrate your success!

What if I've already done The Imprint before? Why should I  do the program again?

The Imprint's effects are cumulative — the more you practice, the deeper your experience. Further, each session is seasonally-themed so the meditations change, as do the workshops and practices, to activate your energetic self in tune with the seasons and the zeitgeist.

Still thinking about it?
You should try The Imprint if you are motivated by any of the following…
  • You want your life back: you feel as though stress and busy-ness have taken away your control, and you really want to create change in how your days flow.
  • You’re SO ready for deeper connections: whether you’re new to meditation or you have a practice, you suspect there’s more, and you crave it. More meaning, more community, more joy and ease.
  • You recognize that this is the best offer you’ll ever get for joining The Imprint.

If any of these factors had you nodding along, I wholeheartedly encourage you to sign up for this 40-day journey today.

If you’re still feeling unsure, ask me anything you like!

When I offered this course in previous sessions, here's what some of my participants said

It helped set me up for a more calm and balanced day

— S. W.

Helped me reset. I feel stronger, more confident and balanced

— D. D. S.

I found that various ways we used movement, breath, mantra and imagination allowed me to settle deeply into myself, to acknowledge things that I had been ignoring and to hear my inner voice.

— T. L.

I have difficulty committing to anything, especially courses. I began with virtually no idea of what I was about to embark on — but from the very beginning, I couldn’t wait to show up. Sara is magnetic, and full of love and joy. She made the practice completely approachable, I even enjoyed the pull to take up at 5am to begin my day with something warm and loving. From the first day of Breathwork, I noticed it unlocked my subconscious. I began to be aware of my breath and my thoughts throughout the day. I was able to see the constant chatter we live with. It was like the Breathwork was a cleanse for the body and for consciousness. I can’t wait for the next session!

— L. K.

My breathing exercises literally saved me. Recently and unexpectedly, I found myself in the hospital. First, as I was hooked up to monitors, I was watching my breath patterns: breathing regularly and breathing like Sara shows us — what a difference it made to my heart rate! Then, during an EEG, I had to perform specific breathing for the doctors. When I finished, they said to me, “For someone your age, it’s truly incredible how well you can breathe!” I responded, “I am well trained!”

— S. C.

I was feeling scattered, and also lacking energy. I used to get up early all the time, and then stopped. Gradually, I just fell into habits that weren’t serving me. I used to love how much time I could create for myself by getting up early. So Sara’s meditation challenge seemed like the perfect motivation. Not only did I make it to the early meditation 39 days out of 40, but I’ve kept up the practice — I get so much done in my day now! I start my days feeling energized from the meditations, organized, and much more peaceful.

— D. C. S.

“During my 40 days doing The Imprint I went from feeling disconnected from my community, to feeling loved and empowered and frankly awed by the stand-up people living not far from me. I experienced a powerful shift in my mental state, elevated confidence in myself and I created new friendships.”

— Mya Pearle
Founder/Curator of Ralia Retreats
Mya Pearle

Join The Imprint

and receive 40 days of meditation, education and community

Hi, I'm Sara…
and I’ve been teaching yoga, movement and mindful practices for close to 20 years. I'm still loving it!

You might know me from Studio Morpho Bleu here in Montréal, Canada. Lately, I've been craving much more than just an asana practice (your typical yoga class of making shapes with your body). To fuel my soul, I’ve developed unique sequences of meditation and pranayama inspired by Katonah and Kundalini yoga that have left me feeling refreshed and re-inspired. I want you to feel the same way!

Sara Gallagher Bloom