Katonah & Kundalini Yoga

Practiced alongside pranayama and meditation, yoga is about manipulating form to function better and develop a sense of personal measure. 


Katonah Yoga incorporates Hatha yoga, Taoist theory, sacred geometry, the mythical, the metaphorical, and the imagination as a way of enhancing the way we connect with our bodies and our environment.

Rich in theory, the narrative in Katonah underpins all action.
It is organized around the following three principles:

All polarities are mediated by trinity
The universe has pattern, and pattern implies intelligence
By virtue of repetition, there is power for insight

Instead of putting the focus on our muscles, Katonah moves energy toward our organs and bones. And it is through repetition of an exercise that we can manipulate patterns that don’t serve us by cultivating new ones.


Kundalini, often referred to as our life force in its purest form, and strongly linked to powers associated with divine feminine energy, it is regarded as the energy lying dormant at the base of the spine. Think of it as your “inner fire.”

My Kundalini classes are structured like this:

1. tune in (using the Adi Mantra)
2. a theme that sets the tone or the focus of the class
3. pranayama
4. mantra and music
5. a sequence of yoga postures addressing a specific aspect of the body 
6. meditation
7. closing prayer

The purpose of Kundalini yoga is to awaken your life force, direct your energy through the seven chakras and activate your ten bodies. The result? The ability to project yourself into your potential!

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