I’m Sara Gallagher Bloom,

and I’ve been teaching yoga, movement and mindful practices for close to 20 years.

My mission is to empower humans to develop their minds and to use the vessel they have been given to manifest their dreams and desires

My offerings are unique in that I am able to distill ancient teachings and practices into relatable and relevant, practical nuggets for today’s world.

I have the ability to see the good in each soul and to amplify a student towards their potential.

You might know me from my Montreal studio, Morpho Bleu.  I’ve been on a spiritual path most of my life! 

My yoga journey began with hot yoga here in Montreal, but was meditation that saved me, though, when I found myself in a brush with death from a tenacious case of Lyme disease.

Meditative practices and breathwork led me back to myself and helped me find grounding in my body and my mind as I healed. 

Today, I’m a studio owner, a community leader, a mother, a yoga teacher, a meditation teacher, and a spiritual guide. I'm certified in Katonah and Kundalini Yoga, I’ve mentored countless new yoga teachers, and I’ve led workshops for so many styles of practice around the globe! 

My mission is to help lead you back to yourself, your life purpose and greater vision, your breath, and your body through yoga and meditation practices. I promise to help you along your path — we can explore so many options together — no matter where you are on your journey.