I forgive… a forgiveness practice to usher in lightness for 2023

I forgive… a forgiveness practice to usher in lightness for 2023
December 2, 2022

Are you ready for the holidays? No one will blame you if your answer is “no!” This “happiest time of the year” can often dig up emotions, memories, and uncomfortable feelings or reminders of relationships and, in particular, times when others hurt us, or (let’s be honest!) when we weren’t acting as our best selves.

I want to help you move on from the stuck energy and anger we can often hold when we dwell on those feelings. That doesn’t mean ignoring or forgetting the wrongdoing! Let me tell you more about how forgiveness meditation can soften you in all areas of your life

It’s not a magic wand that can take away all the past hurt… but it is a powerful meditation that can help you release past negative energy and anger so you can move into 2023 much lighter and with more inner power.From December 11 through to the winter solstice on December 21, I am practicing forgiveness everyday, in the form of a powerful 11 minute meditation, and I invite you to join me in forgiveness — for others, and most importantly, for yourself. This FREE practice is for anyone looking to heal old wounds. The winter solstice — the shortest day and longest night — marks the gradual return of light for the spring equinox. A little bit of light can always dispel a great deal of darkness

Registration is at the end of this post, but keep reading for more on how a forgiving mindset can improve all our relationships!

In my own world, I would not have the relationships I have today with my extended family if I remained in those wounds forever. Anyone who has suffered a grievous hurt knows that when our inner world is badly disrupted, it’s difficult to concentrate on anything other than our turmoil or pain. When we hold on to hurt, we are emotionally and spiritually hobbled, and ALL our relationships suffer. Forgiveness can be a powerful solution.

When life hits us hard, there is nothing as effective as forgiveness for healing deep wounds. This is not an embracing of the offender; it is simply reaching the conclusion that the offender no longer owes you anything for whatever it was they did and (importantly) may have attempted to atone for. This can be a gradual process, but it is possible for many of us to achieve, if we have the right tools and are willing to put in the effort.

Or, maybe it’s you who needs to be forgiven — by yourself, most importantly. When I think about the times I’ve said things too harshly, or just let petty disputes get in the way — I feel so much guilt and shame. I could also forgive myself for my inner voice (my worst critic!!).

What is there to forgive and release? The hundreds of inner tapes, patterns, and feelings that had you live as if you are limited and inadequate — whether because of something you’ve done, or because that’s the pattern you’ve inherited. We use meditation and mantra to cancel those voices that keep us feeling limited and incomplete. We use breathing exercises, singing, and a supportive community to open the heart, accept our wholeness, and lean into forgiveness.

Join me on Zoom, starting December 11, for 11 days of 11 minutes of meditation to practice forgiveness — this is my forgiveness practice. I’ve been doing it for most of this past year, and it has helped soften me to my own harsh reactions and judgements.

On December 11, we open the practice together — if you’re in Montreal, feel free to join me in-person at Morpho Bleu, or anyone anywhere can join us online at 11:11am.

After that, we meet on weekdays at 6am to practice live, or else you will receive the daily recording to practice on your own. On the weekend of December 17 and 18, you will self-practice, or just take some reflection time to check-in on your feelings. And we finish, leading up to the solstice, live on the 19, 20 and 21 at 6am.

Replays will be available throughout, and afterwards I invite you to keep going, keep practicing forgiveness through the holiday and beyond. You will feel the benefits in all your relationships, and especially the one with yourself.

I do hope you find the time to join for this season and to feel lighter. Make sure you sign up so you’ll receive all the recordings. If you can’t make it live at 6am, don’t worry — I forgive you!!

Wishing everyone warmth and light this holiday season,

I'm Sara
and I’ve been teaching yoga, movement and mindful practices for close to 20 years. I'm still loving it!

You might know me from Studio Morpho Bleu here in Montréal, Canada. Lately, I've been craving much more than just an asana practice (your typical yoga class of making shapes with your body). To fuel my soul, I’ve developed unique sequences of meditation and pranayama inspired by Katonah and Kundalini yoga that have left me feeling refreshed and re-inspired. I want you to feel the same way!

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