Summer Quarterly Review

Summer Quarterly Review
June 28, 2023

We are nearing the end of July, and I wanted to know where you’re at: are you in total freedom mode, skipping school and pressing pause on plans? Or are you starting to crave a little routine?

Does your compass need a re-set for these third and fourth quarters of the year?

Way back in January, I held a session called "Setting your compass for 2023" — and, in it, I encouraged everyone to map their year, and then course correct each quarter as needed. Our third quarter began in July — we are halfway through this year. It’s a good moment to reflect on what you still would like to accomplish!

Here's an exercise you can do whenever you have a moment to carve out an hour for yourself to think and plan. Plus, I created a downloadable PDF worksheet for you to use throughout the year, whenever you need to check-in on your long-term activities:

🫖 Light a candle, some incense, or make some tea to set your mood. I love iced teas in the summertime! (my collaborator, Dana, just told me she loves David's Tea "hibiscus splash" blend, if you're looking for a recommendation!)

📼 If you feel you’d like to watch (or, re-watch) the training from January, please go ahead — the goal-setting doesn’t start until about 30 minutes in, but there’s a delicious pranayama practice that precedes it, conjuring "Year of the Six" themes, and I encourage you to try it out as well! 💨

🌞 Or, if you'd prefer a shorter (3 minute) summery pranayama find one right here!

✏️ If you have some nice coloured pens or fine markers, go get them! (Colour-coding always brings me joy!)

✨ When you’re filling in the worksheet, why not use the space allocated for January through June to reflect on your wins in the first part of the year. What were you most proud of? What brought joy?

👣 Now, as we are in the second half of the year, what are you still keen to act on for the rest of the summer and the fall seasons? And what small action steps can you take to get yourself going?

👌 Close your quarterly ritual with a brief meditation of your choice, or perhaps some gratitude mantras, or journalling. If you're looking for a short meditation, try this three minute practice. It's excerpted from my meditation program The Imprint, and it's an active, moving meditation with music. Our next session begins in the fall, October 3. I hope you'll consider joining!

I hope you are in a wonderful moment in your summer! I’m about to head into some family vacation time myself, but I’ll be in touch in a few weeks with a preview of some exciting fall plans!

Lots of love for these coming months —


I'm Sara
and I’ve been teaching yoga, movement and mindful practices for close to 20 years. I'm still loving it!

You might know me from Studio Morpho Bleu here in Montréal, Canada. Lately, I've been craving much more than just an asana practice (your typical yoga class of making shapes with your body). To fuel my soul, I’ve developed unique sequences of meditation and pranayama inspired by Katonah and Kundalini yoga that have left me feeling refreshed and re-inspired. I want you to feel the same way!

Sara Gallagher Bloom

The Imprint

A powerful meditation routine

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