Spring Quarterly Review

Spring Quarterly Review
March 31, 2022
Late Summer

When we began 2022, I kicked off the year with a workshop to set our compasses. In it, you might remember, we plotted the year into quadrants — and here we are at the start of the second quadrant of the year.This is a powerful time for reflection and a great opportunity to re-set your compass. Dust off your winter debris and use the lessons you learned in the winter to propel yourself into the upward-rising energy of the spring. What worked and what didn’t? Are your intentions for the year still relevant, or do you need to adjust your route?If you have forgotten your action steps, or strayed from your planned path — don’t stress over it! Consider this moment a perfect one to reset, to recommit to yourself and to foster the next layer of your evolution for this year.

If you are feeling stressed, I encourage you to review Affect your Stress, Control your Breath — I discuss how our stress levels can be directly impacted just by changing how we breathe.

In the spirit of springtime, here is a mindful re-setting exercise you can carve out a bit of time for on the weekend, or sometime soon:

🕯 Light a candle.

🙏 Take a few deep breaths.

📓 Journal about your triumphs and tribulations from the winter months.

📝 Re-read your notes from our January workshop, or re-watch the practice. What is in quadrant 2? Does it still feel relevant? Do you need to choose another focus?

🧭 Calibrate for the next section of the year. Download this worksheet to help you organize your thoughts:- what were your winter lessons?- what would you like to plant?- what will you let go of?- how will you fertilize your seeds?

🌱 Buy some actual seeds – I love pea shoots! — and set aside a time to plant them in a pot of soil. Tend to these seeds as if they were your intentions. Make this practice of caring for your seeds a daily act of tending to your own intentions.

🪴 Consider fertilizing your spring seeds with a powerful meditation routine — The Imprint begins April 4.

I'm Sara
and I’ve been teaching yoga, movement and mindful practices for close to 20 years. I'm still loving it!

You might know me from Studio Morpho Bleu here in Montréal, Canada. Lately, I've been craving much more than just an asana practice (your typical yoga class of making shapes with your body). To fuel my soul, I’ve developed unique sequences of meditation and pranayama inspired by Katonah and Kundalini yoga that have left me feeling refreshed and re-inspired. I want you to feel the same way!

Sara Gallagher Bloom

The Imprint

A powerful meditation routine

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